Become EZ Wallet Advocates!


EZ Wallet is on the journey to make crypto more accessible and convenient for everyone, from the crypto newbie to the enormous whale maestros! To do this, we need EZ Advocates to join us and grow the EZ Wallet community. Decentralized freedom is for everyone, and decentralization works because it gives anyone the freedom to join in and get tangible rewards and community privileges for their contributions.


The EZ Wallet team is a diverse and dynamic team aiming to create a non-custodial wallet that makes everyone’s journey into the crypto world easier, with a more friendly interface that simplifies the Crypto process while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of what advanced features a digital wallet can provide.


We are looking for EZ Advocates who are:

  • Blockchain and Crypto lovers
  • Team players
  • Highly motivated and creative individuals
  • An ability to deliver engaging content (verbal and written)


EZ Advocates will participate in driving community development and evolution by sharing contributions through six different roles:

  • Content Master
  • Missionary
  • Market Pioneer
  • Community Master
  • Technician
  • Event Moderator


Being an EZ Advocate means you are invested in the success of EZ Wallet, so we want our Advocates to share in our success. Advocates will receive the following benefits:

  • Knowledge: Learn about crypto, blockchain technology, and NFTs by being a member of the EZ Wallet community
  • Acknowledgment: Contributors will be recognized by the EZ Wallet team and get special privileges and early access to all things EZ Wall
  • Network building
  • OG Benefits: Get on the EZ Wallet List to be one of the first to test the wallet and join EZ Events and programs.
  • EZ Token: $30 worth of EZ Token (before IDO, the reward will be an EZ Wallet community token)


The best communities are those where every voice is heard and respected, and the community works together as a collective whole to achieve the best for everyone.

EZ Wallet will be the one-stop solution for everyone’s digital wallet needs. Ready to take on the responsibilities (and rewards) of helping grow one of the most exciting new projects in crypto? Join EZ Wallet on 👉 Discord and become an EZ Wallet Advocate today!

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