EZ Wallet 101: How to find a DAO to join?


Welcome back to EZ Wallet 101, the all and everything Web3 and blockchain series by EZ Wallet. The previous article shared tons of cool informative stuff about DAOs and what makes them different. In this article, you will learn the secrets to finding your way into the DAOs!

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The secret ingredient to becoming a DAO Contributor, or someone who works full-time as a core contributor to a project, is to have both on-chain and off-chain credentials.

🎉 Here’s some practical advice for breaking in as a contributor. These are our top quick tips.

Active Calls 📞

DAO’s runners are in a complex network that connects them directly or indirectly. Either way, you can always start to search for those people in their Discord servers. Keep your eyes on the “in-search-of” or “DAO-recruit” channels, where they will list positions you might be interested in to start.

Social Media 📱

You might have seen all the calls or recruit tweets looking for new hires as you surf through tweets. For some DAOs, this is one of the best ways to look for people to fill the needed roles, like social management or developers. The best advice is to check the tweet owner’s profile before reaching out to them. Make sure that you have what it takes to solve their needs.

LinkedIn (or Job Board) 💻

Whether web2 or web3, you can still see all the active recruits on LinkedIn. All you need to do is make sure your CVs look good before submitting them. Another tip is to look for DAO owners on Linkedin. Since this is a professional platform, make sure that you have some cold message tricks up your sleeves.

Bounties 💵

This one is quite slick, but hear us out.

Bounties come when DAO contributors get busy or cannot be contacted when the DAO is in need. That’s when the bounties come in. You can reach out to the owners, offer them what they need, and earn rewards.

Ambassadors program 🙋

The most well-known way to join a Dao is to become an ambassador of the project you like. By becoming one, you can build up your profile as a professional contributor, which comes with cool perks (including rewards).

As this article is being written, the EZ Wallet Advocates program is live and actively looking for people who are interested in being early contributors to the project.

If you are interested in becoming one, check out the articles 👉 here.

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