ICCO — Initial Community Contribution Offering


Decentralization is by its nature unregulated, allowing for the community to drive progress and innovation. This leads to many projects lacking true decentralization even though they are advertised as such. EZ Wallet is a world leading project with a philosophy that embraces the community’s contribution. The core philosophy behind EZ Wallet is that, by enabling your community to truly shape and define your product, we can create a truly sustainable product that isn’t dissuaded by fluctuations in the market. We are built BY the community, and FOR the community.

To further show our commitment to the community, we are proud to introduce the EZ Wallet ICCO system, a way for those community members who actively work to build the EZ to earn rewards in a variety of ways.

📈What is the ICCO system?

The ICCO system which stands for Initial Community Contribution Offering, is the community-driven system created by and explicitly catering to the EZ Wallet community. The core concepts of ICCO includes:

  • Contribute to Earn system
  • Ersatz Token: EZ Cake ($EZC)
  • On-Chain Token: EZ Token ($EZT)
  • Conversion Mechanic between $EZC and $EZT

🏆Contribute to earn

So how can community members earn through the ICCO system? Contribute-to-earn allows ICCO, the community driven system created exclusively for the EZ Wallet community to reward members based on how they contribute to the EZ ecosystem. Through a variety of mechanics, you will be able to earn EZ Cake ($EZC🍰) and then use the EZ conversion mechanic to convert between $EZC and $EZT. Additional ways to earn within the system include;

  • Professionals System (developed from the Advocates system) -TBA
  • Quests — TBA
  • Guild System — TBA

More details regarding the specifics of how each system works TBA.

Ersatz Token: EZ Cake — $EZC (🍰)

EZ Cake or $EZC (🍰) is the official community token of the EZ Wallet Discord server. You can earn it by being active within the EZ Wallet Discord community, joining marketing events, and contributing to the overall growth of the EZ Wallet community. $EZC is at the core of the EZ Wallet reward system, and through the ICCO token offering model, can be used to convert from $EZC to $EZT.

On-Chain Token: EZ Token — $EZT

EZ Token or $EZT is the official EZ Wallet Token that exists on-chain, and can be traded for both centralized and decentralized exchange.

📌Conversion mechanic

Only EZ Wallet Discord community members will be eligible to receive $EZC. By joining the Discord server, you can earn $EZC through a variety of community driven activities and marketing events. Then, when the official on-chain token $EZT is launched, community members can use the conversion mechanic to exchange their $EZC for $EZT. The exact specifics on the conversion rate and $EZT release schedule to be released at a future date, so stay tuned, and make sure to join us on Discord at .

❓So, why ICCO?

From the very start, EZ Wallet has grown organically around community engagement. To make a truly decentralized product, every person within the community must be given a chance to contribute, share, and earn when they help EZ evolve to something greater. The ICCO system is the backbone of the EZ Wallet community, and provides distinct advantages. First, it provides a sustainable environment by which the EZ ecosystem can grow. Since the token will be allocated to contributors of EZ Wallet, the tokens will be in the hands of people that are truly interested in the development of the project, increasing the value of the community. Creating a balanced tokenomics is critical to providing an ecosystem that encourages active participation. Secondly, by enabling the EZ conversion mechanism, the conversion between $EZC and $EZT, the ICCO system will make the community driven actions of the EZ Wallet Discord a big slice of the EZ Wallet cake. Instead of the Discord community simply being a place to share and spread awareness, it will provide direct benefits to the most active members in the form of $EZT. This allows the EZ Discord to go beyond merely a social media platform and allow the community members to directly enter the EZ ecosystem.

About EZ Wallet

EZ Wallet is on the journey to make crypto more accessible and convenient for everyone, from the crypto newbie to the seasoned crypto vet.


The EZ Wallet team is a diverse and dynamic team aiming to create a non-custodial wallet that makes everyone’s journey into the crypto world easier, with a more friendly interface that simplifies the Crypto process while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of what advanced features a digital wallet can provide.

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