EZ Wallet 101: The Genesis


Welcome back to EZ Wallet 101, the all and everything Web3 and blockchain series by EZ Wallet. We’re set for something different this time, called 👹 The Genesis. So what is Genesis, and why should you join the EZ Wallet community and become one? Let’s dive in!

👹 What is Genesis?

It’s not just a name. It’s something different! The team was thinking of a perfect successor for the OG-Original role in the community, from which the Genesis role was born.

🔥 What makes it different?

🙋 The name

When the OG was created, it was for the early contributors of the community with no blatant benefits and duties. So random that it has fogged the eyes.

💵 The benefits

By joining the Genesis community, you can….

  • Shine your name on the weekly leaderboard.
  • Enable the contribute-to-earn rights.
  • Receive a customized EZ Wallet avatar.
  • Higher chance to be one of the next advocates (See the details).
  • Random giveaways.
  • Create your own guild in the EZ community.

📈 The numbers

From 20 OGs only, we now expand it into 60 (maybe more) cool and handpicked members to join the Genesis community.

✨ What makes Genesis?

To pursue the role of Genesis, you will need to reach these requirements:

  • Reach at least level 15 in the community (chating, vibing, meme-sharing)
  • Show your passion for EZ Wallet on social media (Twitter, Discord, Medium)
  • Own one (1) EZ Wallet custom avatar by joining the monthly events.

About EZ Wallet:

EZ Wallet is on the journey to make crypto more accessible and convenient for everyone, from the crypto newbie to the seasoned crypto vet. The EZ Wallet team is a diverse and dynamic team aiming to create a non-custodial wallet that makes everyone’s journey into the crypto world easier, with a more friendly interface that simplifies the Crypto process while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of what advanced features a digital wallet can provide.

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